Condition Reports:
Survey, inspection and investigation of plasterwork, defects and condition. Assessment and evaluation together with recommendations, specification and method statements for remedial treatment.

Lime plaster, cast plaster, fibrous plaster, composition, papier mache, scagliola.
Historic paintwork, coatings, graining, marbling, gilding.


Comprehensive investigation of ceiling voids and supports both physically and remotely, coupled with the close inspection of ceiling faces to identify and establish causes of defects.

Lime & Gypsum Plaster Repair & Conservation

Investigation, analysis, materials specification and guidance for the stabilisation of existing fabric and resinstatement of lost freehand modelled lime plaster and cast gypsum decorative plasterwork.

Fibrous Plaster

Investigation and evaluation of cast fibrous plasterwork ceilings - especially theatre auditorioum ceilings and similar fabrication. Recommendations and specification for appropriate remedial treatment.

Plaster Investigation

Methods and materials advice to effect appropriate removal of overlying coatings from fragile decorative plasterwork.

Materials analysis, recommendations and specification for subsequent conservation guided remedial treatment.

Historic Paint Investigation

Historic paint analysis and uncovering to establish surviving previous decorative treatments.
Recommendations and specification for subsequent conservation guided remedial treatment and reinstatement.

Historic Decoration Reinstatement

Research, investigation and resinstatment of historic decorative schemes.

Crisis & Disaster

Advice, specifications and method statements ensuring damaged and failing culturally significant fabric is retained in the best manner possible for its subsequent conservation and repair.